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Yes, Japanese companies are extremely kechi stingy when it comes to paying their workers. The Abe administration has been trying to lobby for higher wage growth and better compensation, but corporate leaders prefer to hoard cash and earn no return interest rates are zero , rather than to invest in their employees.

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Want stronger domestic demand and consumption? No wonder Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is frustrated with his corporate leaders. And back at the company levels, no wonder morale in many companies is so low. If your boss thinks it is better to invest in a zero-return asset rather than invest in you, the signal is pretty clear: He must think your contribution is worth less than zero.

Of course, a prudent corporate leader will want to keep a cash buffer. Mitsubishi UFJ Bank did this brilliantly by snapping up a good part of Morgan Stanley on the cheap during the global financial crisis. However, this was a notable exception. The general rule is that corporate Japan has de facto no historic track record of actually making bold and opportunistic acquisitions during times of crisis or opportunity.

If at all, it goes the other way with Japan famously overpaying for supposedly strategic overseas acquisition, e. Frankly, the relentless cash-hoarding by corporate Japan is one of the big unresolved puzzles of global finance. Why does the leadership of a multi-stakeholder, for-profit enterprise choose to hold more of a zero-return asset rather than invest in one of its stakeholders where, by the fact they are a stakeholder, there must be a positive return?

To add insult to injury, all corporate leaders agree that, yes, Japan must raise productivity. All too often, productivity gets confused with process efficiency. Great premise that could have worked. I was more looking at the plot as to what it takes to succeed when working with people who take advantage of their upper hand.

So the laughs were a welcome relief to what goes on in the business world. I think this movie has got a lot of unnecessary hate. I know that business movies aren't always the most entertaining in the world. There are points were the movie is a little boring but for the most part I found the characters pretty funny.

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A lot of people have been ripping on Dave Franco's I think this movie has got a lot of unnecessary hate. A lot of people have been ripping on Dave Franco's performance in this movie but really I thought it was different. Tom Wilkinson was fairly funny as well and really I'd say that both of these guys are funnier than Vince Vaughn who is one of my favorites but I wasn't really happy with him comedy wise in the movie.

I'm a little bit worried about True Detective season 2 after watching this movie hopefully he'll be able to pull off a good performance in that. TheQuietGamer Aug 16, It's got issues that keep it from being one of the best comedies out there. Yet there are enough belly laughs to make it a pretty entertaining movie. Some crazy scenarios along with some very funny one liners help keep things mostly enjoyable. Especially with the goofy Dave Franco. His It's got issues that keep it from being one of the best comedies out there.

His character might be a little too stupid at times, but he still manages to bring some laughs with his cluelessness. The plot issues are still noticeable though.

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There's no big payoff in the end and there are moments where we are left wading through too much of it's progression while we wait for the next batch of laughs. This would not as big of an issue if we were given more reason to care about the characters. You do kind of feel sorry for them, but not enough to really invest in their plight. Still, it does achieve some success when it touches on what it feels like to be the odd man out.

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These moments are sure to click with certain people. It will make for a good rental if you are in the mood for some occasionally raunchy R-rated comedy. It's not the biggest winner out there, but much like it's characters there are still reasons to root for it. HaithamB May 30, UnFinished Business is partially Entertaining, partially Funny and partially works. However, the excessive amounts of nudity and the excessive amounts of unrealism just puts you out of the whole Goddamn thing! SolInvicta Nov 16, Gratuitous and unfunny. Unfinished Business is intermittently amusing out of sheer ludicrousness, but it never becomes laugh-out-loud funny due to its horrifically uneven script.

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Waste of a good cast. Dave Franco is a terrible in this movie he is annoying and dumb, Tom Wilkinson tries and Vince Vaughn is just "Vince Vaughn," how could a comedy be this boring? McGlinchey, who started out as an expert on constitutional nationalism, has opened up a new significant area of research. The author deserves fulsome praise for conducting close to individual interviews with the key actors.

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This alone is a remarkable feat, but combined with penetrating analysis and objective insight into very controversial subject matter, this book will stand the test of time as a history of one strand of republicanism that still stalks the peace process. Unfinished Business will be hard to match in terms of shining light into the dark corners of the armed republican tradition in Ireland - an illuminating and fascinating read.

Introduction 1 Who are the 'dissidents'?


Motivations and aspirations: the drawing of the fault lines 2 The varied strands of 'dissident' republicanism: ideology and disunity 3 Ceasefires and decommissioning 4 The Good Friday Agreement and the disruption of 'normalisation' 5 Current armed republicanism 6 policing, a step too far 7 Legitimacy and mandates Conclusion Index. Click here for North and South America. We would like to place cookies on your computer to improve your viewing experience and help us make this website better.

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Unfinished Business Unfinished Business
Unfinished Business Unfinished Business
Unfinished Business Unfinished Business
Unfinished Business Unfinished Business
Unfinished Business Unfinished Business
Unfinished Business Unfinished Business
Unfinished Business Unfinished Business
Unfinished Business Unfinished Business
Unfinished Business

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