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And we have a provision: We can renovate but we can't build new. So we're taking all these areas. And generally speaking, when you have an old wall that's falling down, it's in a better location for a wall. That's why they had it there in the first place as opposed to an area that's empty. You know, typically that will be true. So these walls are old, they're crumbling, they're of no use.

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They're falling down. So we rip it up, build brand new foundations, pour brand new, beautiful footings, and take a wall that's two or three feet high, mostly laying on the ground, some of it only for cars - you know, to stop cars from cars from coming across. Just a metal spike. So we'd rip it out; it would take about a minute. And we'd put in deep foundations seven feet deep, and we put in foot bollards, and they're loaded up with concrete. Because inside, you know, I like doing -- one of the reasons they said, "But you said you're going to build a concrete wall.

We have steel and we have concrete. And I was saving that for later because the only thing they could do is, "He's building a steel wall. It's not concrete. And you do have to have vision. It's very important. You know, it's -- you can't just have a blank wall. You have to have vision. It's much better for the security to have the vision. Anyway, so we're building the wall. So they come out with saying, "Donald Trump has built almost no wall. And we're building -- we're building 50 miles here, 50 miles there. Fifty -- all in the right locations, because there used to be walls but then we had to take them down.

In some cases, if they're good enough, we'll renovate it because we can do it for a lot less money. But generally, some of these walls are worthless. I mean, literally, you just drive right over them.

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They're laying down on their side. They gave me no credit. But if you read the story, they'll say, "While he has renovated a lot of wall…" Well, that's not even a renovation, let's face it. That's a brand new wall. It's all brand new wall. It just shows you how dishonest this fake news is. And this is what we have to deal with. This is really what we have to deal with. But get used to it. Many of you are going to be in politics. Just get used to it, okay? Get used to it.

Together -- is this true? American Constitution. You'll be seeing this. We believe in religious liberty, the right to free speech, and the right to keep and bear arms.

Brewers turn to a new venue to meet demand

Second Amendment. Look, look. Look, they are in the process of trying to take your arms away. You have the Second Amendment. They will -- [Audience Boos]. They will do damage to the Second Amendment the likes of which nobody even thought of. That's where they're coming from. Just remember I said it. Hopefully they never get the chance.

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And that's why the election coming up -- I always said this is the most important election -- -- most important election that we've ever had. And it was certainly the coolest. That's for sure. But it was, I believe, the most important election because our country was going wrong. It was going wrong. And when you see all the incredible numbers coming up and all the success that we're having, and all the fact that we're respected all over the world.

Good man.

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He's tough and he's smart. They're saying "Britain Trump.

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That's what they wanted. Boris Johnson. Prime Minister. That's what they need. He'll get it done.

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Boris is good. He's going to do a good job. I think Nigel is someplace in this audience.

go to site Where is Nigel? Where is he? Nigel Farage. He's here someplace. I saw him. I said, "What is he doing here?

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  7. He's a little older than most of you. I'll tell you what: He got 32 percent of the vote from nowhere, over in UK. Nigel -- thank you, Nigel. I said, "What's Nigel doing here? And I know he's going to work well with Boris. They're going to do some tremendous things. Whats Nigel. But we believe in the American Dream and not a socialist nightmare that these people are trying to put on our shoulders. And we know that strong nations must have strong borders.

    And we're building a strong border against so much.

    Turning Points - Empty Dreams Turning Points - Empty Dreams
    Turning Points - Empty Dreams Turning Points - Empty Dreams
    Turning Points - Empty Dreams Turning Points - Empty Dreams
    Turning Points - Empty Dreams Turning Points - Empty Dreams
    Turning Points - Empty Dreams Turning Points - Empty Dreams
    Turning Points - Empty Dreams Turning Points - Empty Dreams

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