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You can get his website www. These are some of the things found just in Deuteronomy and Numbers about Hitler. I mean, it may be just a little more than coincidence that these things are hidden in there. There must be a reason for that. If you count in Proverbs chapter 30, every 22nd letter spells out Jesus. There must be something to it. Here's an example of how it can work. There's a hidden message inside this sentence. That's what Bible codes is all about. Is there a hidden message inside the Bible in addition to the message you're reading? Is there something else in there? Well, I don't know.

Oh, wait a minute, Genesis and Exodus spell it forward. Leviticus doesn't have it. Numbers and Deuteronomy spell it backwards. They're both pointing back to Leviticus. I mean, maybe that's just a pure coincidence, but I think the mathematical possibility of that is real close to zero. It's almost like there must have been something to it.

The Torah always points to God. About who created God Then who created God? Actually, your question assumes two things. That God needed to be created, and that God is locked in time like we are. Both of those are faulty assumptions.

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Now the fact that my brain and your brain won't hold that doesn't matter, but it is the way God reveals Himself. The question of where did God come from, or what did God do before the creation, assumes that God is sitting around locked into time like we are, and He has to wait for things to happen. No, He doesn't. He's not stuck in time. We are stuck in time. But both views, creation and evolution assume a beginning of some kind, ok. You have to have a beginning. Not only matter and energy would disappear but also space and time.

See, if you had matter but had no space, where would you put it? If you had space and matter, but you had no time, then when would you put it? You got to have time, space and matter, a continuum. If you had length and width but no depth, you have nothing. It only exists in the imagination, ok. He is right now in tomorrow. God created the heaven A trinity of trinities in just in 10 words. He says He did it. Ok, all I can do is believe that. We're not going to be there 10, years. We are going to be there. Time, space, matter must be created simultaneously. He is outside of time, space, matter; totally outside of it.

You see, right now it is not , soon to be in a couple days. In heaven, there is no time there. No time at all. He is outside of time, space, and matter.

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Because they knew He was claiming to be God. Well, you know why He was claiming to be God? Because He was.

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About the authors of Genesis And we say, well, we know men wrote the Bible. Oh come on, God didn't write the Bible. Who wrote that book of Genesis? The skeptics for years, like Dr. I've debated him four times now. University US Florida. He's a Genesis scholar. He believes that four different authors wrote Genesis. This is what the Germans, higher critics, started teaching about years ago. You can tell by the different style of writing. And they're actually partially correct. There are different styles of writing in Genesis.

When you go to chapter 2, starting with verse 4, there's a change. It's using a different name for God, a totally different style of writing. So, who wrote Genesis anyway? Well, the book of Mark chapter 12 v. That is obviously referring to Exodus.

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So here, the New Testament is telling us that Moses wrote Exodus. In Deuteronomy it says, if a man dies and has no children, the brother marries the wife and the first child gets the inheritance of the dead father, to make sure property doesn't get scrambled up. That was the law they had, ok. With a little searching through Scripture, you could prove conclusively that Moses wrote these books; Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy. No question. It never mentions Moses as the author of Genesis. What about Genesis? So who wrote Genesis? Actually, Moses was the editor of Genesis. He collected it, but there were 10 different eyewitness accounts in Genesis. Adam actually wrote part of Genesis. Now keep in mind, Moses edited Genesis from 10 eyewitness accounts. He probably had them written on clay tablets, we would assume, preserved as a pottery record. You write it on the clay, bake it in the sun, and it lasts a lot longer than a book lasts. And Noah would have taken some of these on the Ark with him.

The first few chapters in a little box with clay tablets, carried on the Ark. The fact that other people wrote down their accounts, before Moses got around to doing it, does not mean they got it right.

If you got 10 people or 20 that witness an event, and they all go home and they're gonna write their story about what they saw, the first one to publish his story does not necessarily have it right. The fact that somebody published first does not mean they got it right.

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Genesis 5 v.

Skeppings Wysheid Skeppings Wysheid
Skeppings Wysheid Skeppings Wysheid
Skeppings Wysheid Skeppings Wysheid
Skeppings Wysheid Skeppings Wysheid
Skeppings Wysheid Skeppings Wysheid
Skeppings Wysheid Skeppings Wysheid
Skeppings Wysheid Skeppings Wysheid

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