In the Penalty Box (Seattle Marauders)

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Thomas Jefferson is a perennial power with a long and glorious tradition in boys soccer. Coming into the playoffs the Raiders had six more state championships under its belt than Mariner had state wins. But Mariner used goals by Medina and senior Bogdan Nikitov, along with a stout defense, to advance to the quarterfinals Saturday.

The University of Mary Marauders

And the Marauders pulled it off despite the distraction of the unusually strong fan support. It was a hard-fought game. We knew TJ was going to come out and play a good game, they have a lot of good players on their team. But our team believes it can do this. Mariner was awarded a free kick outside the right side of the Thomas Jefferson penalty box.

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Landon had just started his freshman year at the University of Washington back then. Landon had gotten hard as a rock just watching Gregory during practice.

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But the past three years of stealing any time he could to be around the defenseman had paid off. The man put on a good front, that was for sure. Landon frowned. At least he had been until the doc had told them there was no reason to be overly concerned. Except Gregory had been there, looking at Landon…and Kyle. When Landon volunteered to take Gregory home, Kyle had checked with the D-Man and, with a nod, had then wandered off to take a seat while the nurse handled the discharge paperwork. No doubt as soon as that nurse was on break, his scrubs would be around his ankles in a stockroom somewhere.

Landon stayed with Gregory, touching him whenever he could find any excuse to do so. They had, right? The guy had taken a knock to the head and he was still feeling up Landon in the car, so that had to mean something. He had. This had nothing to do with Kyle or the damn nurse. Biting his lip, Landon stole a sidelong glance at his companion, who was now tapping his hands on his thick, muscular thighs.

His head was laid back against the headrest, his expression unreadable in the darkened car. Landon shook his head, dismissing the doubts that threatened to send malevolent butterflies racing around his stomach.

Tonight was the night. It was. It had to be. As soon as he put the car into park, Gregory unfastened his own seat belt. They were in the driveway. No one could see them, but still. One large, strong hand reached inside, past his briefs. Cars are a great place to play. What was I thinking? He leaned back as best he could and turned his face for a kiss, but the other man was too intent on the nape of his neck.

The hand that jerked him was dry, a bit rough. Landon winced for an instant, then looked down and forgot everything else.

How many times had he jerked off to that fantasy alone? Gregory was pumping him fast and hard—no rest, no relief, just stroke after stroke after stroke. He felt himself draw up and tried to calm himself, to make it last, but with Gregory teasing him, there was no way he could hold out.

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By the time he opened his eyes, Gregory was already out of the car. Dazed, Landon stared for a moment, watching as the other man fumbled with the key in the house door before opening it. Copy link. Gay and MM romance I have read - List 22 0. If you have been reading this genre for some time, there is no way you do not know these four writers who are notches above the rest. Four b. A beautiful piece of work.

Memorable atmosphere, setting and characters. I love these two young men evolving romance and how they overcome t. Scrap Metal. Excellent action packed military romance.


Two wonderfully tough heroes, their romance convincing and touching against a backdrop of the hope. Brothers in Arms. If you have been following this series you will definitely agree with me this 4th book is the best of the lot. The romance takes on a new hi. Amazing vampire story with original characters and plot.

Black, Red, Blue and one powerful vampire are such memorable characters.

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  4. Baltimore Ravens.

Blacker than Black. This romantic comedy is pure fun, with its bantering and dialogue. As is with most of this writer's theme the sub is one bratty character bu. Destiny Calling. Oh I really enjoy this sci-fi MM romance. Original plot and characters where animals are genetically engineered into "constructs" with human. Songs For Guitar and French Harp. Really hard sci-fi MM romance which gives an excellent world building as much as a great romance is rare.

I have found it in this release. Gravitational Attraction.

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Second in the series after "The Thirteenth Child". Fantastic imagination from this writer. This urban fantasy is such an exciting and fun ro. This time the writer has his Dom, a Master Jewelry, handling two subs, one his lover and the other his ward. Love the way this cool Dom care. Winter Pink Skies. If you have a soft spot for a twink getting his hunk, I am sure you will enjoy this like I do.

Rate: 5 st. Finally His. A wonderful surprise here. Emotional writing as one man struggles to face his wife's death.

In the Penalty Box (Seattle Marauders) In the Penalty Box (Seattle Marauders)
In the Penalty Box (Seattle Marauders) In the Penalty Box (Seattle Marauders)
In the Penalty Box (Seattle Marauders) In the Penalty Box (Seattle Marauders)
In the Penalty Box (Seattle Marauders) In the Penalty Box (Seattle Marauders)
In the Penalty Box (Seattle Marauders) In the Penalty Box (Seattle Marauders)

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