Die 50 wichtigsten Fälle Gynäkologie (German Edition)

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4th International Consensus Conference on Advanced Breast Cancer (ABC4), Lisbon, November 4,

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Share article. You can also take a taxi from both airports. Related Articles. Football as focus topic. International Football Forum. In the case of Sao Tome Principe over 90 per cent of agricultural export earnings are derived from cocoa alone. Apart from concentration of the type of exported products, SIDSs' agricultural exports also show a concentration of the destinations, further increasing their vulnerability to external shocks.

As shown in table 4, the EU receives more than half of the total agricultural exports of SIDSs; it is the most important market for African SIDSs, accounting for 87 per cent of their agricultural exports. Similarly, the United States and Canada though to a much lesser extent than the EU are important markets for SIDSs, receiving 29 per cent of their agricultural exports. The Caribbean islands agricultural exports to these markets, range from 50 per cent in the case of Jamaica to 20 per cent for other, smaller, Caribbean Islands.

Japan captures only 3 per cent of total agricultural exports of SIDSs, but it has become an important market for the Pacific SIDSs, absorbing more than 6 per cent of their exports. First, a preferential margin may provide substantial "quota rents" to SIDSs' exporters. The EBA provides LDCs with duty-free treatment for all agricultural products except bananas, rice and sugar until , including very sensitive products such as beef, dairy products, fruit and vegetables fresh as well as processed , cereals, starch, vegetable oils, confectionary, pasta and alcoholic beverages.

The United States The United States recently renewed its GSP programme applicable until , which provides duty-free access for 5, tariff line items to over beneficiary countries and territories.

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  6. An additional 1, lines have been added to the list of eligible products for LDC recipients. This is no longer the case, as all dutiable products that were previously granted only a limited margin of preference or were subject to quantitative limitations are now entirely liberalized for LDCs. The preferential tariff margin increases - up to an average of 35 percentage points - as the MFN tariff increases. However, these large tariff margins apply only to a small share 6 per cent of the total agricultural exports of SIDSs.

    A further expansion of the preferences to LDCs came into effect on 1 January , allowing for duty-free and quota-free access for all but a number of "sensitive" products. However, preferential tariff margins on those products are generally low, as corresponding MFN tariffs are already low - MFN duties on more than 53 per cent of SIDSs' agricultural exports are already zero.

    As these exports consist mainly of fresh fruits and vegetables, the Caribbean exporters seem to benefit more from their geographical proximity than from the tariff preferences they receive. In other words, for the majority of agricultural exports some 94 per cent, including those exports already receiving duty-free MFN , SIDSs receive "empty preferences", either because of zero MFN duties or because similar preferential treatment is given to other developing countries.

    Japan Trade preferences for SIDSs as for other developing countries are made available under the Japanese GSP scheme, which was recently reviewed and extended for another decade, until 31 14 However, the ad valorem equivalent of all rate components estimated by the United States International Trade Commission is reported to be at 3. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. March Preferential GSP tariffs applicable to developing countries range from duty free to 20 per cent reduction in MFN duties.

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    LDC beneficiaries enjoy duty-free entry for all products covered under the GSP scheme plus an additional list of products. Preferences to LDCs have been improved by increasing the number of tariff items for duty-free and quota-free access specifically available to all 49 LDC exports as long as they request them. This implies that further agricultural trade liberalization, might not have a significant effect on the preferences granted to SIDSs in this market, but it might result in new trade opportunities for all those SIDSs products still affected by high MFN duties.

    The impact of liberalization will depend on a number of factors.


    Stefan Kramer

    In terms of a geographical grouping, further MFN tariff cuts may result in a much faster erosion, if not elimination, of preferential tariff margins available to the Caribbean island countries than those to other SIDSs, as the preferences received by the Caribbean SIDSs on some 70 per cent of their exports are empty. However, the impact of the preference erosion on the trade flows of the Caribbean SIDSs would be on average less dramatic, as they are already exposed to a certain degree of competition with other developing country exporters, either on a MFN basis or within a GSP scheme of an importing country.

    They will, however, loose quota rents by the reduction of out-of-quota or outquota tariffs. Further, should these preferences be considerably reduced as a result of the negotiations on agriculture, or be legally challenged by other WTO member s ,19 adjustment costs arising from the preference erosion to these preference-dependent countries may be significant, as they have been rather sheltered against world competition.

    Second, whether preferential tariffs are "linked" to or "de-linked" from MFN rates may result in different impacts upon the values of preferences after MFN tariff cut. Beneficiaries of such preferences are more likely to retain tariff advantages not only over MFN tariffs, but also over other preferences providing a less extensive degree of market access treatment. This might apply to such products as palm, cigars, fruits and vegetables e. Where preferences to SIDSs are de-linked from the corresponding MFN rates, as in the case of the GSP scheme of the US, the only difference among various preferential schemes is the extent of the product coverage rather than the preferential margins provided.

    Third, the recent initiatives undertaken to provide better market access for LDCs and countries in the sub-Saharan African region have yet to fully materialize. As they are creating additional and substantial preferential margins for certain SIDSs and for certain products, the negative impact in terms of preferential margins coming from further trade liberalization might be somehow mitigated. Finally, although the current preferences are wide, they could be expanded further. Many of those sensitive products namely meat and diary products, cheese, tomatoes, mandarins and some cereals are subject to a combined tariff which is made up of an ad-valorem component and a specific-rate component.

    Preferential market access for those products normally takes the form of an elimination of the ad-valorem component and a reduced level of a specific-rate component whose ad-valorem equivalent can go up as high as 80 per cent. Similarly, for certain categories of processed agricultural products under the Harmonized System HS - chapters 4 milk and milk products , 17 sugar and sugar confectionery , 18 cocoa and cocoa preparations , 19 processed foodstuffs , 20 beverages and 21 miscellaneous edible preparations - the EU maintains a system of a technical tariff that includes the so-called agricultural component i.

    However, it is the specific component that constitutes the bulk of the protection and not the ad valorem part.

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    In addition, around 15 products, mainly fruits and vegetables, as well as some processed products such as fruit juices, are subject to the entry price system EPS. To explain briefly how the EPS works, it is useful to think of it as a dual system where two separate sets of tariffs apply according to a core variable that is represented by the entry price. Applicable tariffs are either ad valorem or specific duties.

    Under this system, as long as the c. However, if the import price falls below the entry price, an additional duty is charged on top of the general one, up to a maximum tariff level also bound. In reality, the system is slightly more complex, since there are several entry prices for the same product, and for each of them a different additional duty applies. Indeed, and although set a priori, entry prices change according to seasons, being lower during the harvest season in the EU, so as to provide maximum protection to EU producers.

    Bearing in mind the functioning of the entry price system, this preferential margin may end up being the most effective, since these countries will be effectively able to undercut the supply price of all the other suppliers. Surviving agricultural liberalization: a quantitative assessment The ongoing WTO negotiations on agriculture are expected to result in further reductions, if not an elimination, of tariffs on and trade-distorting subsidies to agricultural products in the world.

    The same study suggests that the welfare gains to some groups of developing countries, particularly those in sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America, that are dependant on non-reciprocal preferential treatment, may be substantially less than the gains to such regions as Oceania, South-East Asia and North Africa. Insignificant welfare gains, or indeed losses, to SIDSs from multilateral agricultural liberalization may be due to: i a rise in agricultural prices induced by liberalization, and ii the erosion of preferences. It is thought that agricultural liberalization would raise world prices of temperate agricultural products more, relative to prices of tropical products, leading to an increase in food import bills for SIDSs, which import temperate products and export a narrow range of tropical products.

    At the same time, as MFN tariff cuts reduce the margin of preferences, importers are likely to seek supplies from low-cost countries. For example, assuming exporters of sugar to the EU are receiving EU prices, any lowering of those prices will make other exporters, such as Brazil, more competitive. This section examines the likely impacts of agricultural trade liberalization on SIDSs under different liberalization "scenarios", with a view to identifying liberalization "modalities" that would at least "compensate" for possible negative impacts from liberalization, if not creating welfare gains.

    The model distinguishes between bound and applied tariffs, as well as between inquota and outquota tariffs on products under tariff rate quotas TRQs.

    Guide Die 50 wichtigsten Fälle Gynäkologie (German Edition)

    It can be used to assess the impact of policy changes on quota rents, forgone and received. As quota rents are an important contributor to agriculture in SIDSs, this feature of the model is desirable in applications discussed here. Unlike a general equilibrium model, ATPSM is confined to the agricultural sector, and does not account for interactions with other sectors of the economy.

    Die 50 wichtigsten Fälle Gynäkologie (German Edition) Die 50 wichtigsten Fälle Gynäkologie (German Edition)
    Die 50 wichtigsten Fälle Gynäkologie (German Edition) Die 50 wichtigsten Fälle Gynäkologie (German Edition)
    Die 50 wichtigsten Fälle Gynäkologie (German Edition) Die 50 wichtigsten Fälle Gynäkologie (German Edition)
    Die 50 wichtigsten Fälle Gynäkologie (German Edition) Die 50 wichtigsten Fälle Gynäkologie (German Edition)
    Die 50 wichtigsten Fälle Gynäkologie (German Edition) Die 50 wichtigsten Fälle Gynäkologie (German Edition)
    Die 50 wichtigsten Fälle Gynäkologie (German Edition) Die 50 wichtigsten Fälle Gynäkologie (German Edition)
    Die 50 wichtigsten Fälle Gynäkologie (German Edition) Die 50 wichtigsten Fälle Gynäkologie (German Edition)

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