30 Ways to Make Work Play

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Barstool Sports. The Bill Simmons Podcast. ESPN Daily. Tip: volunteer to share a project update at an upcoming company meeting or conference that reinforces an area of expertise you want to be known for. I could see her point. Grant Schreiber, Editor, Founder and CEO of Schreiber Media says conferences are an especially valuable opportunity when asking good questions can help build your personal brand. Introduce yourself before asking the question with your full name, title and, company. Tip: at your next meeting, make a point to ask a relevant question related to your expertise that helps deepen the discussion or clarify a particular topic.

I pride myself on being a hard worker. In fact, they would probably instead say that I tended to put my head down and just work away for hours without interruption.

10 Ways To Get Your Colleagues To Work With You Better

On the one hand, that work ethic allowed me to be quite efficient and productive, but on the other, it may have come at the cost of spending more time with colleagues at the water cooler. As my career progressed, knowing my tendency was to quietly work away at my desk, I had to make more of a point to chit-chat a bit more, never eat lunch alone, and most importantly, proactively walk the halls to connect with people throughout the organization.

Morgan Chaney, Head of Marketing Blueboard. Interacting with other teams and their leadership gives you a household name, and creates opportunities for you to become a more well-rounded contributor to your business. Tip: reconnect with one colleague outside your immediate function to learn more about their current priorities and discuss potential ways you could help one another based on your specific areas of expertise. One of the best ways to amplify your personal brand is to leverage the reach of journalists, influencers, and industry leaders. Cohen says you should make a point to proactively provide advice and support within your area of expertise.

Engage with other industry leaders and journalists.

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Join relevant groups and make connections. Engage in both online and offline communities. I mean, sure skydiving paintball is fun, but what are you really getting out of it?

A Few Playful Office Features to Consider

Skydiving paintball does sound really fun, though. I get asked that question all the time. Follow us on Instagram playwithfireimprov. A lot of people feel like they have to earn their time off. Work hard, then you can have a vacation.

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Be okay failing and love yourself afterwards. Couldn't do a list of ways to play without checking in with the experts.

They make it look so natural. Ho, ho, hope these help make this time of year a little more fun.

Okay, stop juggling your new pets, you show-off. With lists!

30 Ways to Find Inspiration for Your Music

I guess you knew more of these were coming, cause, well, I said a hundred, then only posted ten. Improv class is fun, but how do play in the real world? I remember as a kid thinking 40 is like almost dead. Fun Stuff. Getting Dressed.


25 Ways to Have Fun At Work - Daring to Live Fully

The Work:. Dress wrong. The Play:.

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Wear fun socks. Getting Out of Bed.


Put your alarm out of reach.

30 Ways to Make Work Play 30 Ways to Make Work Play
30 Ways to Make Work Play 30 Ways to Make Work Play
30 Ways to Make Work Play 30 Ways to Make Work Play
30 Ways to Make Work Play 30 Ways to Make Work Play
30 Ways to Make Work Play 30 Ways to Make Work Play
30 Ways to Make Work Play 30 Ways to Make Work Play
30 Ways to Make Work Play 30 Ways to Make Work Play

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